Doing Business Guides


Doing Business in Latin America 2014 serves as an immediate resource
to provide valuable and critical information about legal requirements to
operate your business in respective countries of Central America as well
as of South America. It again showcases the strength and capability of
Globalaw member firms for assisting clients all over the world in cross
border investment and business challenges. As the Past President of
Globalaw and now member of its Directors Board, I am pleased to
present to you this wonderful collective work following the prior
contribution of Doing Business in Europe and Doing Business in Asia

Globalaw doing business guides represent the individual and
collaborative expertise of the law firms contributing to such publications,
further demonstrating the regional strength of the attorneys who
comprise the Globalaw network. In fact, the total population of the
lawyers within Globalaw exceeds 4,500 practitioners who bring and offer
a universe of practice areas to these key markets. They serve not only to
demonstrate this expertise but also to provide an immediate roadmap to
learn more about doing business fundamentals in a concise, informative
and “desktop” format for your ready reference.

Shay & Partners has actively invested in cross-border corporate practices
and proudly received praise among its peers and clients. You are
welcome to visit our website: for more useful
information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Shay & Partners

Arthur Shay
Senior Partner


Download:    Globalaw Doing Business in Latin America 2014