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Doing Business in Asia Pacific 2014/2015 provides an overview of the
evolving legal constructs that govern various types of investment and
business issues in 15 jurisdictions around the Asia Pacific region.
Global business is here to say. The Asia Pacific region has experienced a
period of unprecedented growth. It is rich in diverse cultures and
languages. It is also an area where most of the rest of the world needs
to do business. At the same time it is not always a region that is easy to
access for those outside it.

Globalaw is a thriving international network of 115 law firms located in
over 80 different countries worldwide. Member firms are full-service
medium sized firms in their jurisdiction and are capable of serving their
clients’ legal demands.

Shay & Partners has actively invested in cross-border corporate
practices. The Globalaw doing business guide is an example among
many of its kind of this, along with our flexible work practices and
participation in the respective industrial forums. There are more
available on the website: and you are welcome to
visit and download. If you wish to discuss any of the content, please do
not hesitate to contact me and I look forward to supporting you to
achieve your goals.




Arthur Shay

Senior Partner

Shay & Partners




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