Dec. 10, 2008  New Rules adopted on Takeover of M-Taiwan Project Base Stations
    In order to allow the Mobile Taiwan National Project to utilize its experimental equipment and base stations, the National Communications Commission has approved amendments to the regulations governing wireless broadband access service. These pave the way for the use of experimental base stations for commercial purposes.
Dec. 03, 2008  National Communications Commission Proposes Amendments to Organization Act
    The National Communications Commission recently reviewed the Organization Act and proposed several changes in order to bring it into line with the demands of independent regulation. These changes include a relaxation of the qualification thresholds for entry into the commission and amendments to the scope of each commissioner's role.
Nov. 26, 2008  Ban on Investing in New WiMAX Operator to be Lifted
    The Appeal Committee of the National Communications Commission (NCC) recently revoked a ban on Chunghwa Telecom acquiring shares in a new worldwide interoperability for microwave access operator imposed by the previous NCC commissioners. This is the first case in which a resolution made by previous commissioners has been dismissed.
Sep. 24, 2008  Fourth-Generation Technology at a Crossroads: WiMAX or LTE?
    Taiwan's three dominant mobile operators have confirmed plans to incorporate Long-Term Evolution into their second-generation and third-generation systems. However, the government and network-equipment manufacturers still seem positive about the prospects for the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access industry. There is thus uncertainty as to which technology will ultimately prevail.