David C. L. Yeh delivered "Does ISP Have the Right to Refuse Internet Access When Illegal Downloading?" in PC Home Magazine, April 2005
Arthur Shay delivered "Do you know Internet Privacy" in CNET Taiwan, April 2005
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David C. L. Yeh delivered "Implications on 'Copy Control Measures' Added in the New Copyright Act: Is it Illegal Per Se to Deactivate the Copy Control Measures in the Music CD by Using Circumvention Technologies?" in PC OFFICE Magazine, October 2004
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Arthur Shay attended "2nd OECD WORKSHOP ON SPAM" conference in Busan, Korea, September 2004
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Arthur Shay attended “OECD WORKSHOP ON SPAM” conference in Brussels, Belgium, January 2004
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Shay & Partners contributed to special legal column “The Risk of Technological Facilities – Starting from ATM Card Fraud” in PC Office Magazine, November 2003
Arthur Shay was appointed a member of the "The Asia PKI Forum Chinese Taipei Promotion Committee," an organization sponsored by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, July 2001
Shay & Partners contributed to PC Home On-Line Newsletters on Y2K issues, September 1999
Arthur Shay delivered speech on "Measures to Handle Y2K Crisis by Medical Professionals" to medical officials and personnel at the Far Eastern Hotel held by the Institute for International Conference, March 1999
Shay & Partners conducted a seminar on "Handling Legal Problems relating to Y2K", February 1999
Shay & Partners published "Forestalling the Year 2000 Computer Crisis" offering advice to government and industries, August 1998
Arthur Shay delivered speech addressing legal issues regarding securities transactions over the Internet and the Y2K computer crisis at seminars held by the Taipei Securities Trading Association, June 1998
Shay & Partners announced the Net-Bankers’ Forum with the Communications Magazine, addressing actions taken by the governments of Taiwan, the United States, and Japan to combat the Y2K problem, May 1998