Arthur Shay delivered "Do you know Internet Privacy" in Taiwan CNET, May 2005
Arthur Shay was invited by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs to lecture on a seminar of "Strategic Planning of Digitalized Commerce", April 2005
David Wei gave an educational training course of "Personal Data Protection and Enterprises' Preparation", March 2005
David Wei delivered "Boundless Temptation in the Online World: the Latest Practice Development of Cyber Crime and Entrapment" in PC OFFICE Magazine, March 2005
David Wei delivered "Boundless Temptation in the Online World: the Latest Practice Development of Cyber Crime and Entrapment" in PC OFFICE Magazine, March 2005
Arthur Shay spoke "Transactional Safety Scheme and Current Development of Electronic Finance" for the 2nd Senior Class of Electronic Finance Extension Education of the Taiwan Academic of Banking and Finance (TABF) on May 18, 2004
Arthur Shay spoke "Legal Issues on the Performance Guarantee of E-Commerce Trading" for the seed talents of B2C E-commerce training courses hosted by the Department of Commerce of MOEA, May 2004
David C. Yeh delivered "Online Sales Taxes in Taiwan" in World eBusiness Law Report
David Wei delivered “The Copyright Protection on the Electronic Information after the New Copyright Act” in PC OFFICE Magazine, March 2004
David Wei delivered "Online Auction and the tax burden of sellers" in PC Office Magazine, January 2004
Arthur Shay delivered a speech on "Cyberspace: Info-communications, Law, and Society", November 2003
Shay & Partners released its report on "International E-commerce E-HUB legislations", November 2003
Arthur Shay was appointed an expert advising on e-commerce legal infrastructure by NICI of the Executive Yuan, October 2003
Shay & Partners released its research report on "E-commerce Escrow", July 2003
Arthur Shay delivered a speech "E-Commerce Law and Case Studies" Sponsored by Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs, July 2003
Arthur Shay gave a speech on “The Current Status and Safety Mechanism of Electronic Financial Transactions”, March 2003
Arthur Shay spoke on "Definition and Evaluation of Internet Economy Application Index in Taiwan Summit Forum", November 2002
Shay & Partners conducted in-house training for China Trust Commercial Bank on "The Mechanisms and Current Status of Internet Transactions", May 2002
Shay & Partners sponsored and delivered speeches at seminar "The Influence on Business of the Passage of the Electronic Signature Law and PKI Implementation" held by GC&C, Taipei International Convention Center, November 2001
Arthur Shay organized a workshop at the Exchange Club, Taipei, entitled "E-Commerce Issues related to Domestic Airline Booking System" with FTC Commissioners Chen Yin-Chin and Hsu Tzi-Yi as speakers. CEOs and COOs of all major domestic airline companies were in attendance, August 2001
Shay & Partners published "Elite On-Line Legal Forum" in collaboration with New Silk Road bookstore. The forum comprised articles covering Internet, fair trade, biotech, finance, e-commerce, telecommunications, and intellectual property rights, September 2000
Shay & Partners assisted Congressman Mr. Zhi-Jia Lin in preparing draft of the Electronic Signature Bill, June 2000
Shay & Partners conducted a seminar "EC-Manager's e-123 In-Depth Dialogue" at Shin Kong Tun Hua Building, Taipei, November 1999
Arthur Shay delivered “Legal Issues on E-Commerce” at the “ICE E-Commerce Forum” held by the Internet Commerce Expo, July 1999
Shay & Partners contributed to PC Office Magazine with a special column entitled "Information and the Law", April 1999
Shay & Partners published "Legal Questions and Answers in the Information Age" addressing common legal problems in the information age, October 1998
Arthur Shay delivered "Legal Challenges Relating to Internet Business Transactions" for the Electronic Industry Association Task Force, the National Information Infrastructure, April 1998
Shay & Partners organized a conference on “Legal Issues Involving Transactions Over the Internet” and published papers entitled "Internet and the Law", "Legal Issues Relating to Business Transactions Over the Internet", and "Securities Transactions Over the Internet", March 1998
Shay & Partners were retained as legal counsel for organizer of "New Century for the Internet" Conference dealing with legal issues relating to the Internet, March 1998
Arthur Shay delivered "Legal and Safety Issues on the Internet" at the First Internet Seminar in Taiwan held by the National Science Foundation, October 1996