Arthur Shay was selected as leading lawyer of Information Technology and Telecommunications (Asia Law & Practice, Leading Lawyers 2008)
Arthur Shay was appointed by the Government Information Office as an examiner of the investment project application under the Regulations Governing the Investment Credit of Domestic Film Production for the Enterprise Investing in Film Manufactures (2005-2006)
David C. L. Yeh delivered "DGT to Collect Number Usage Fees" in Newsletter of International Law Office, March 2005
Arthur Shay was invited to be the moderator of "2005 Taiwan Cable and Satellite TV Broadcasting Operations Seminar" held by the Media R&D Center, endorsed by Government Information Office (Taiwan Broadcasting Authority), January 2005
David C. L. Yeh delivered "DGT Urged to Consult Further on VoIP Management" in Newsletter of International Law Office, January 2005
David C. L. Yeh delivered "Do You Decrypt the Code? : Introduction to the Copy Control Measures in the New Copyright Act”, HOPENET Magazine, October 2004 
David C. Yeh delivered “An Unequal Sign Between Local Loop Unbundling and the Development of Broadband Network”, HOPENET Magazine, July 2004
Arthur Shay addressed "Whose Rules Does the Broadband Follow – The Regulated or the Unregulated?" on a symposium hosted by the Fair Trade Commission, September 2004
Arthur Shay attended the "Assessment of Impact on Releasing Additional 3G Spectrum Frequency" seminar hosted by Taiwan Telecommunication Industry Development Association (TTIDA) on June 2, 2004.
Arthur Shay delivered his new publication: “TELECOMMUNICATIONS”, March 2004
David C. Yeh delivered “Status Quo of Taiwan's Telecom Industry and Regulatory Reform: An Overview in 2003" in Communications Magazine, February/March 2004
Arthur Shay was appointed once again as a member of the Telecommunications Review Committee at DGT, December 2003
Arthur Shay spoke in the conference on "The Future of the NCC Organization" held by the Broadcasting Development Fund, December 2003
Shay & Partners published “The disclosure of incoming call numbers – discussion on privacy protection”, October 2003
Arthur Shay spoke in “The Telecommunication Framework in the Digital Broadcasting Age” seminar hosted by Liberty Times, September 2003
Arthur Shay delivered a speech on "the telecommunication market in China and Hong Kong" ,National Chengchi University, September 2003
Arthur Shay spoke in the seminar "The Relationship Between Taiwan's Entry Into the WTO and the Activities in the Telecommunications Services Industry", June 2003
Shay&Partners published its research report "The Opening of Mainland China's Telecommunication Market After Its WTO Accession", June 2003
Arthur Shay and Ethan Hsiao provided opinions in the legislative public hearing on "Six Million Broadband Users at Home” and “The Problem With Establishment of Last Mile", March 2003
Arthur Shay delivered speech on "The Trend and Impact of Mergers & Consolidation on the Telecoms" in the "5th Taiwan Telecoms International Summit 2002", May 2002
Arthur Shay delivered speech on "The Development of the Telecommunication Industry in China and Hong Kong", April 2002
Shay & Partners released its research report on market entry strategies for China's telecom market and legal infrastructure, March 2002
Shay & Partners organized a workshop "Licensing of Third Generation (3G) Mobile Phone Services -- Taiwan Tactics" which involved more than 25 high-ranking telecom executives, June 2001
Shay & Partners organized seminars on "The Allocation of Scarce Telecommunication Resources". Topics including "Liberalization of Fixed Network and the Impact on Administrative Policies for Wireless Frequencies", "The Governing Authority After Integration of Communication Media," "Comparative Analysis of 4C", "Future Trends for the Second Generation Telecommunication Services”, “In-depth Discussions on 3G Telecommunication Businesses", and "Issuance of Licenses for 3G Mobile Phones", November 2000
Shay & Partners spoke in the seminar of "Interconnection Taiwan" at the Grand Hyatt, Taipei, September 1999
Arthur Shay delivered "The Biggest Variable in the Fixed Network Operational Market" at the international seminar on "Telecommunications Development and Business Opportunities" held by the Institute of International Conferences, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, September 1999
Shay & Partners participated in the Conference of "Distribution of Scarce Resources in Telecommunications Enterprises” at the Exchange Club, Taipei, June 1999
Arthur Shay delivered “Risk Evaluation of Competition in the Municipal Telephone Market” at the “Taiwan Telecommunications Summit” held by the Institute for International Conferences, February 1999
Arthur Shay delivered speech on “Liberalization of Fixed Network Operations” at the annual conference held by the Radio Exchange Association, January 1999
Shay & Partners delivered “Developing a Fair Interconnection Scheme for Taiwan” at the 7th Annual International Telecommunications Conference sponsored by Chunghwa Telecom, September 1998
Shay & Partners advised Taiwan Directorate General of Telecommunications on drafted legislation pertaining to the liberalization of fixed Telecommunication networks, August 1998
Shay & Partners participated in the Liberalization of Fixed Telecommunications Network Task Force organized by Taiwan Directorate General of Telecommunications, January 1998
Shay & Partners were retained as special consultant to the Taiwan Council for Economic Planning and Development on telecom-related issues and collaborated with Ovum Pty. Ltd. on a project regarding policy formulation for liberalization of the fixed telecom industry, November 1997
Arthur Shay delivered “Understanding the Telecom Investment Environment of Asia” at the TeleREFORM Asia conference held by the Institute of International Research, October 1997
Arthur Shay delivered speech addressing legal issues relating to Internet phone use under the Telecommunications Act at the Conference on Internet Phone Use held by the Academia Sinica, June 1997
Arthur Shay delivered “Legal and Regulatory Analysis of Telecommunications Deregulation in Taiwan” at the 2nd International Taiwan Wireless Telecommunications Summit held by the Institute of International Research, March 1997
Arthur Shay delivered speech “Privatization of Telecommunications” at the International Telecommunications Symposium held by Chunghwa Telecom, November 1996
Shay & Partners sponsored the First International Taiwan Telecom Summit held by the Institute for International Research, discussing issues relating to liberalization of the telecom industry in Taiwan, April 1996