Prac tices



    Merger & Acquisition


       Overseas Lawsuits and Arbitration
       Shay & Partners' legal services include:

         ■ International commercial arbitration proceedings and negotiations

         ■ International commercial dispute litigation

         ■ Negotiations and claims settlement for international infringement matters

         ■ National compensation application procedure and negotiations

         ■ Attorneys for general civil lawsuits

         ■ Criminal case defenses

         ■ Civil lawsuits involving foreign parties

         ■ Seizure and auction for compulsory enforcement matters




       Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions and Equity Buyout         

Assessment, planning and negotiations, and execution of corporate mergers and acquisitions
Recommendations for M&A matters as well as legal procedures and contracts
Planning and procedure for equity exchange
Review and implementation of corporate M&A and asset transfer agreements
Legal matters relating to amendments to the incorporation of companies and corporate operations
Planning and legal procedures for the establishment of overseas holding companies  
Planning and implementation regarding the establishment of subsidiaries in other countries and in China  
Matters relating to overseas listing and the issuance of depository receipts