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    Anti-trust and Unfair Practice

Shay & Partners has presented and counseled clients in a wide         range of complex fair trade matters.

The firm has achieved outstanding results for clients facing critical competition challenges, including unfair trade litigation and pre-merger review. Clients also benefit from the team’s depth of experience in every aspect of fair trade law and expertise in a wide range of industries, including computer hardware and software, semiconductors and components, transportation, communications and consumer products.

In addition to direct representation in litigation matters, we provide counseling to clients regarding a wide range of unfair trade issues, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, pricing policies, intellectual property licensing, distribution arrangements, trade associations, unfair trade and deceptive advertising issues, and antitrust compliance programs.



Shay & Partners’ legal services include:

Providing enterprises with coping strategies for the Fair Trade Law
Assisting with the handling of complaints and lawsuits regarding unfair competitions between enterprises 
Reviewing and providing operations, marketing and promotion and direct marketing plans for various industries
Evaluating and providing risk management proposals for market integration and cooperation mechanisms
Acting on behalf of enterprises to engage in administrative appeals and action for cases under the Fair Trade Law
Assisting enterprises to handle disputes and lawsuits arising from consumer behavior