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    Dispute Resolution


       Prompt and Effective in Litigation and ADR

Shay & Partners has an established track record of successfully obtaining relief for our clients through litigation, administrative proceedings and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures. We are specialized in the resolution of telecommunications and internet technology disputes, both in standard commercial litigation in court and through methods of ADR.

Our skilled attorneys represent corporate clients in litigation at all levels of the Taiwanese court system. We also specialize in various ADR procedures including arbitration and mediation. We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve disputes promptly, satisfactorily and in a cost-effective manner saving the client time and money.

Shay & Partners’ legal services include:

          ■  Representing Clients in Civil, Criminal & Administrative Actions

          ■  Assisting with Injunctive Relief and other Extraordinary Remedies

          ■  Providing Mediation and Arbitration Services

          ■  Assisting with Cross-Border Litigation