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    Corporate Practice 


       Shay & Partners: Gateway to Taiwan Investment   

Shay & Partners offers a broad range of legal services to prospective and current investors in Taiwan. This includes company setup, development of subsidiaries and branch offices, corporate restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation of assets. We are called upon to advise, negotiate and draft contracts for Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, capital raising as well as making sure all documentation and procedures are in compliance with government agencies in Taiwan.
We provide advice to C-level executives and Board of Directors. We have experience in dealing with Taiwan’s diverse employment and labor laws/issues. Our expertise includes facilitating cross border transactions and large scale investments directed to or from China, the USA and Southeast Asia.


Shay & Partners’ legal services include:

         ■  Incorporating and Forming of Business Entities                     

         ■  Obtaining Foreign Investment Approval                                  

         ■  Compliance with Business Permits/ Licenses           

         ■  Strategic Long-Term Consulting                 

         ■  Drafting, Reviewing and Negotiating Contracts  

         ■  Advising Board of Directors

         ■  Providing Counsel on day-to-day operations 

         ■  Assisting with Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Purchases, Business Liquidation 

         ■  Labor & Employment Law                                         

         ■  Legal Training 

         ■  Staff Education