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     IT and E-Commerce  


       Legal Counsel for Taiwan's Top IT Businesses

Shay & Partners occupies a leading position among Taiwan's IT legal service providers.
We currently represent prominent Taiwanese software developers, design houses and manufacturers of computer peripherals and other leading edge IT products. We provide our clients with a full range of legal services including the negotiation and drafting of agreements for the manufacture, purchase, license and distribution of goods and services. We are also called upon to assist clients in the registration and protection of their Intellectual Property Rights.
As one of the pioneers in developing a legal practice focused in the area of electronic commerce, Shay & Partners currently represents a large number of Taiwan's top internet service providers (ISP), content and application service providers (ASP), as well as portals and B2B / B2C website operators.
The negotiation and drafting of on-line business agreements is a key area of focus and deep expertise for Shay & Partners. Since legal reform has not kept pace with innovation in the areas of e-commerce and IT, we advise clients on the legal implications of proposed on-line business models in order to match the current legal environment with the faster paced business environment.


Shay & Partners’ legal services include:

           Strategic Planning

         ■  Startups and Business Launch Consulting

         ■  Drafting Stock Purchase Agreements

         ■  Designing HRM models

         ■  Providing Security Schemes for Intellectual Property Rights

         ■  Negotiating Mergers & Acquisitions

         ■  Preparing Privacy Protection Policy & Copyright Policy For E-Commerce clients

         ■  Drafting Know-how Licensing Agreements

         ■  Providing Cross Border Investment Analysis (Legal and Financial)